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Hello All! As you can see, I have not updated this blog in a long time. I am currently in the works of creating my very own web page, so for now go check me out on facebook to see my latest work!





Nova|One year

My niece Nova just turned one! Unlike her older brother, Isaac, she is very comfortable in front of the camera. I wish i could photograph her all the time because she is so darling and delicate.

I have been photographing this little one for a long time now and she never fails to give me amazingly beautiful photos. My cousin Anya just turned four so we took a little trip to Boys Town Omaha for a quick shoot. Anya took over the camera. I barely gave her direction-she is on track for being a model, that’s for sure!

|Lauren & Raina

These girls are such troopers! Lauren had to deal with her “crazy” aunt dani to take pictures downtown. We’ll call these…”Senior Pictures”.  Thanks for your participation girls!