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Watson Photo Booth

Matt’s brother, John, got married this past weekend! It was a beautiful day and such a fun celebration. I got to set up a fun photo booth at their reception for the guests to take goofy pictures at. I think its self explanatory that everyone had a blast doing so! I will be adding a photo booth option to my weddings and as an option for any events. There were too many pictures to post all of them here, so I have put them all on my facebook page. The link is…

Enjoy 🙂

Catch Up Time!

Things have been insanely hectic in my life lately which has allowed me zero time to blog.  I finally updated this with all of my recent photo shoots, and will be posting my first wedding this weekend! I usually share things in my life as they happen and have a lot to fill you in on! The last personal post i had on here i believe was from a visit to Colorado to visit my boyfriend, Matt, who had moved there from Omaha to pursue a job as a firefighter.

In March Matt’s mom invited me over for a simple visit. I walked into the kitchen and out popped Matt (who was supposed to be in Colorado), words can not describe how surprised i was. He handed me flowers and when i would ask why he was there he would say things like “i wanted to see you” or “i live here”. After being there awhile he finally told me that he was offered a job on the Fremont Fire Department, which is only about a half hour from Omaha. It still brings tears to my eyes thinking of that moment. Nothing in the world could have made me happier at that time then hearing that Matt would be moving home. It took me awhile to realize that i would no longer have to drive ten hours to see him. He moved home two weeks later and i jumped on the opportunity for one last trip to Colorado and to help move him home. While there his friends threw him a going away party. It was sad to say goodbye to everyone and i definitely miss being able to go there for visits as well as the people there, but we plan on many, many trip in the future.

There was a slight adjustment to Matt living in Omaha again. I didn’t wanna let go of him for a second, but eventually we got into a swing of things and i managed to share him with others 🙂

At first, Matt was traveling back and forth from Omaha to Fremont when he would work, and then he rented a room from a guy until he could find a more permanent place to live. A couple months later Matt decided that he wanted to get a hunting dog so he started looking for houses to rent in Fremont. As we were looking, we decided to rent a house together. A month ago we found a tiny little two bedroom house that fit Matt and i perfectly. For now we will stay here until Matt gets on a fire department that he wants more long term. It has been quite the adventure. We had to do a lot of work to make the house fit “us” but we are finally starting to enjoy being here and looking forward to the day we get the little puppy! Which will be maximum of three months..just waiting on the pups to be born. I couldn’t be happier with all the changes that have happened in the past couple months and look forward to what the future brings!

Now for a couple events that happened here and there that are worth sharing!

My gorgeous niece, Nova turned one…

A couple of us participated in the warrior dash and the color run..what can i say..we like to get dirty!

Family vacation to Okoboji…

I shot my first turkey!

Matt’s Turkey

Vlasak Family

My own families family picture time! Who ever invented tripods-you’re a lifesaver. We had a lovely morning on Sunday shooting pictures at Elmwood Park in Omaha. We were greeted by about 15 other photographers, but that didn’t stop us! I had an amazing time taking pictures of my own family and also jumping in for a few of the whole group! I can’t determine if taking pictures of my own family is easier or harder but regardless i accomplished it and they turned out lovely. I enjoy watching my talents grow and develop and look forward to more family sessions in the future.


These Colorado trips surely make for some GREAT pictures, so i have to share! More photos pertaining to the business to come with in the next few days though…

Well, this is late. Off to good ol’ Colorado again! Matt finally graduated from the Mountain Metro Fire Academy and started working full time as an intern last week. I flew this time to save myself from the 10 hour drive. However, his family took the plunge and drove with kids. I am thankful i was not in that car or i might have arrived with quite a few less strands of hair on my head.

Took the fam off roading up a mountain, not sure how good of idea this was but Jackson seemed to love it. In the end the scenery was very well worth it…

Gave them a tour of the fire station and Matt’s room…the kids loved the fire truck

The graduation ceremony was very neat. The fire chiefs and the teachers gave wonderful speeches and it was really cool to see them get sworn in…NOT to mention that Ryan Sutter from the first bachelorette was there 🙂

Matt finally got to pay a visit to Omaha…we had just missed a huge storm while driving home…

Off to celebrate with friends..we missed ya Matt!

Over all it was a great trip, beautiful ceremony and wonderful to have Matt back in Omaha for a few days!

Congratulations Matt and all you guys in the guys are awesome!


Colorado could quite possibly be my favorite state. Here are some pictures from my trips to see Matt..

I got to spend the weekend in Avon, CO at the beginning of June 2011. We decided to drive up a dirt road along side a mountain, until the truck couldn’t go any further. Here’s where we ended and the beautiful scenery…


What better of a place to watch fireworks, then over a lake in Colorado? I drove up for a 4 day weekend to spend the 4th of July in Avon. I had an amazing time and played around with taking pictures of fireworks..however matt stole the camera and took most of these : ). Thanks to Jackie Cooper for the photography advice!



Welcome to my new blog!

Thanks for visiting! I plan on documenting my journey through making professional photography one of my main priorities. I will blog, and post pictures as i get things going. It’ll be a slow start…but let the journey begin!