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These Colorado trips surely make for some GREAT pictures, so i have to share! More photos pertaining to the business to come with in the next few days though…


Well, this is late. Off to good ol’ Colorado again! Matt finally graduated from the Mountain Metro Fire Academy and started working full time as an intern last week. I flew this time to save myself from the 10 hour drive. However, his family took the plunge and drove with kids. I am thankful i was not in that car or i might have arrived with quite a few less strands of hair on my head.

Took the fam off roading up a mountain, not sure how good of idea this was but Jackson seemed to love it. In the end the scenery was very well worth it…

Gave them a tour of the fire station and Matt’s room…the kids loved the fire truck

The graduation ceremony was very neat. The fire chiefs and the teachers gave wonderful speeches and it was really cool to see them get sworn in…NOT to mention that Ryan Sutter from the first bachelorette was there 🙂

Matt finally got to pay a visit to Omaha…we had just missed a huge storm while driving home…

Off to celebrate with friends..we missed ya Matt!

Over all it was a great trip, beautiful ceremony and wonderful to have Matt back in Omaha for a few days!

Congratulations Matt and all you guys in the guys are awesome!


Colorado could quite possibly be my favorite state. Here are some pictures from my trips to see Matt..

I got to spend the weekend in Avon, CO at the beginning of June 2011. We decided to drive up a dirt road along side a mountain, until the truck couldn’t go any further. Here’s where we ended and the beautiful scenery…


What better of a place to watch fireworks, then over a lake in Colorado? I drove up for a 4 day weekend to spend the 4th of July in Avon. I had an amazing time and played around with taking pictures of fireworks..however matt stole the camera and took most of these : ). Thanks to Jackie Cooper for the photography advice!



Just to get some of my pictures up, i am posting some of my randoms that have already been taken.

Horses are defiantly one of my favorite animals. While Kenny and i were out taking his pictures we stopped by his friends, that have horses, to see if they were home. I was in luck! I snapped some great shots, and even got to take a ride!